Adam SCOTT is a real estate investment advisor for both private and

institutional investors in the Mediterranean region. A bilingual dual citizen (US/France) and 9 year resident in the south of France, Adam has both a degree in management from the University of Central Florida as well as a French Real Estate diploma obtained in France.

Adam’s 20 years of experience in real estate and business creation include the ownership of two Florida Real estate brokerages and three going concerns in the Marseille region. Currently Adam is director of Scott Immo real estate in France and Adam Scott Homes in Florida.

Having begun his real estate career in Florida, Adam personally assisted affluent investors in increasing their capital. Leveraging his zoning modification expertise and ability to navigate the development processes he created profitable ventures in addition to helping clients to realize double digit returns by targeting the foreclosure market.

As director of Scott Immo Real Estate, Adam is a member of the local and national FNAIM, which is a pillar of the Real Estate industry. Within FNAIM Adam participates in the international committee as well as the transactional committee.

Today, Scott Immo is focused on 4 primary axes within French Real Estate.

1) New construction – We work throughout Provence and the French Riviera in collaboration with investors and first-time homebuyers to offer unique buying opportunities via special promotions and private sales. Get on our VIP buyer list to receive the new opportunities as soon as they are available.

2) Viager (Life Estate Annuities) – This unique niche market combines a support system for the aging population with fiscally advantageous and profitable investment option for investors. The mutual benefits and flexibility truly make this poorly understood system a WIN-WIN for buyers and sellers.

3) Investments - Specialist in the various techniques of increasing capital and/or revenue while reducing taxes, we do this every day. Make life easier on yourself ! Stop worrying about it and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

4) Luxury Homes

Adam Scott
Real Estate Investment Advisor
Scott Immo Real Estate
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